McMurdo Station - Fiction by ltcoljsheppard

About McMurdo Station

Hello, welcome to McMurdo Station, an archive site for my works in Stargate Atlantis Fanfiction.

I started out writing in the XMen fandom back in 2003 under another pseudonym and then branched out to Stargate Atlantis fiction in 2007. 

Stargate Atlantis was the best show on television and it saw its demise way too soon. With so many stories left to tell, I, like many other authors, have chosen to keep SGA alive with our own imaginations.

McMurdo Station gets its name from the USAF base in the Antarctic that was home to our lead character, Lt. Col. John Sheppard before he was discovered to possess the Ancient Technology Activation (ATA) gene and that discovery has led him, along with our expedition team to the Pegasus Galaxy through the Stargate from Cheyenne Mountain.

Welcome to McMurdo. I hope you enjoy your stay.


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The challenge is composed of rounds. On each round the participants will have to write a story following a general prompt. Participants have a week to write something, so the fics will be short. Usually drabbles or something of the sort. The stories will be submitted to the mods and will be posted anonymously. Then the stories are voted. The voters will select their favorite and least favorite story, and can give reasons for the votes (always with constructive criticism, bashing and voting for yourself are not allowed). After the round of votes, one winner for the round will be announced, and one writer will be eliminated and not continue to the next round. No need to be afraid about not continuing, it is a natural part of the process. This will continue for as many rounds as necessary, until there is only one writer standing, which will be selected the Last Fic Writer Standing.


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